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At Canvey Junior School we believe in an inclusive community that recognises and celebrates the unique strengths and ability’s of every student.  Our commitment to Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) ensures that every child receives personalised support to thrive academically and socially.

By working collaboratively with students, parents, teachers and when necessary outside agencies, our SEND Manager creates tailored ‘Personalised Learning Plans’ on a termly basis to meet the needs of each pupil on the SEND register.   Regular reviews of the SEND register are undertaken by class teachers, alongside our SEND Manager, to establish whether pupils have made enough progress to be removed, or are recognised as needing additional support, other than that available through the Ordinarily Available Inclusive Teaching Framework and therefore placed on the SEND register, parents will be involved throughout the process.

We believe in providing an inclusive environment where every child can flourish and together we embrace diversity and champion the potential within each and every pupil, fostering a sense of belonging and success for all of our children.