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Governing Body

We are delighted that our governing body plays such an active role in the life of the school. It is made up of representatives from different areas of expertise, which when combined allows them to take a wholly balanced view of Canvey Junior School life.

Councillor Ray Howard is one of our longest serving members who brings a wealth of Local Authority knowledge to our meetings. 

Our current chair, Mrs Lorraine Breading, has served for over 30 years, firstly as a parent governor and latterly as a community governor.  You will often see Mrs Breading around the school.  She gives her time to attend all our regular concerts and events.  Mrs Breading brings a wealth of experience to her role and has served for a number of years as one of the countries National Leaders of Governance.  She has been able to use her expertise in training and assisting other governing bodies who have needed support from time to time.

David Neale is a local businessman who again brings a wealth of local business knowledge to our meetings.

Mike O’Brien is head of Youth Services at County Hall and is another of our community representatives. 

Mrs Townsley is our school leader and is a valuable member. The most important role is that of our parent governor, a role which Miss Vincent carries out diligently.  Their contribution is invaluable as it allows the governors to hear how the effects of decisions they make impact our children in the school. 

This is of course the reason we are here, and the governing bodies focus always remains to ensure that the school acts in the best interests of the children, maximising opportunities which will ensure each child is able to reach their full potential, as well as ensuring the school carries out all its statutory obligations. Details of our governors are always available on our school website: and photographs of both governors and staff members are on display in the school reception.