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Year 5 Topics

Curriculum Topics

Year 5

  Autumn 1 Spring 1 Summer 1
Science All living things Animals including humans Earth and Space
Geography Rivers - What is a river for? Britain's National Parks - Who are Britain's National Parks for? Fair Trade-  Why is fair trade fair?
MFL-French Getting to know you That's tasty School life

Cityscapes- (Art -5RH)

Bread - (DT -5EB)

People in action (Art) Fashion and textiles (DT)

Writing to inform

Guided Reading- Traditional Stories

Writing to discuss

More than words project

Writing to discuss

Guided Reading- Modern fiction

RE Christianity Judaism Islam
Music Living on a prayer Make you feel my love Dancing in the street

Indoor - Gymnastics

Outdoor - Multi skills

Indoor - Gymnastics

Outdoor - Rugby

Indoor - Athletics

Outdoor - striking and fielding


E Safety

Exploring the Digital World - Digital Literacy

Shaping the digital world - Control and Programming Exploring the Digital World - Data Handling
  Autumn 2 Spring 2 Summer 2
Science Properties and changes of materials

Forces, air resistance


Scientific Enquiry
History British empire- Why did Britain  once rule the largest empire the world has ever seen? Trojan Horse - The storyof the Trojan Horse: historical fact, legend or classical myth? Local History- What impact did the floods have on Canvey Island?
MFL-French All about ourselves Family and friends Time travelling

Cityscapes- (Art -5EB)

Bread - (DT -5RH)

Moving toys (Art) Leonardo De Vinci (DT)

Writing to persuade

Guided Reading- Books from other cultures

Writing toentertain

Guided Reading- Reference and text

Writing to inform

Guided Reading- Plays/poetry

RE Christianity Judaism Islam
Music Classroom Jazz  Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reflect, Rewind and Replay

Indoor - Dance

Outdoor - Games - (Netball/Football)

Indoor - Dance

Outdoor - Circuits

Indoor - Net Games

Outdoor - Athletics

Computing Communicating in the Digital world - Text Processing and Multimedia Communicating in the Digital world - Digital Skills Shaping the Digital world - Modelling and Simulations