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Year 3 Topics

Curriculum Map

Year 3


Autumn 1


Spring 1

Patterns in Nature

Summer 1

Food around the world

Science Light Animals including humans


Geography Why are jungles so wet and deserts so dry? Why do so many people in the world live in mega cities? Why do some earthquakes cause more damage?
MFL- French Getting to know me Food Glorious Food Our School
Art/DT Journeys (Art)

Famous Building (3AL)

Sandwich Snacks (3MD)

Photo frames (DT)

Writing to persuade

Guided reading - Fairy/Folk Tales

More than words project

Writing to persude

Guided reading - Reference and Text


Founders of different religions

Sacred writing

Places of Worship


Let your Spirit fly

Finding the pulse

Glockenspiel -Stage 1

Musical instruments


Three Little Birds

Singing and Performing


Indoor -Gymnastics

Outdoor - Multi skills (games and fitness)

Indoor -Gymnastics

Outdoor - Games (game situations)

Indoor -Net Games

Outdoor - Athletics



Basic Skills

Databases (graphs) Writing Blogs



Autumn 2


Spring 2 Summer 2
Science Rocks Forces and Magnets

Scientific Enquiry

History Stone Age - How did the lives of Ancient Britons change during the Stone Age/ Iron Age- How do artefacts help us to understand the live of people in Iron Age Britain? Vikings - What did the Vikings want and how did Alfred stop them getting it?
MFL- French All about me Family and Friends Time
Art/DT Moving Machines (DT)

Famous Buildings (3MD)

Sandwich Snacks (3AL)

Pointillism (Art)

Writing to inform

Guided reading - Books from other cultures

Writing to inform

Guided reading - Poetry

Writing to inform

Guided reading - Plays/Newspapers

RE Founders of different religions Sacred Writing Places of Worship

The Dragon Song

Singing and Performing

Bringing us together

Singing and Instruments

Rewind, Reflect and Replay

Music Appraisal


Indoor - Dance

Outdoor - Ball Skills

Indoor - Dance

Outdoor - Circuits

Indoor - Athletics

Outdoor - Games -(Striking and Fielding)


Touch Typing

Word Processing

Control/Programming the Turtle/Coding Using search engines