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  • Canvey Junior School
  • Long Road, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 OJG
  • 01268 682288

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mrs S Townsley                                                                                       Mr A Fernon

Headteacher                                                                                            Deputy Headteacher


Mrs L Jacobs                                                                                            Mrs R Hinson

Senior Leadership Team / Year 6 Class Teacher                              Year 6 Class Teacher


Mrs M Coleman                                                                                      Mrs E Barnett / Mr A Fernon

Year 6 Class Teacher                                                                              Year 5 Class Teacher


Miss A Canty                                                                                            Miss A Lince

Year 5 Class Teacher                                                                              Senior Leadership Team / Year 4 Class Teacher


Mrs P Kennedy                                                                                        Mr M Dean

Year 4 Class Teacher                                                                              Year 3 Class Teacher


Miss D Shimmin                                                                                      Mrs C Houghton-Tye

Year 3 Class Teacher                                                                              Teacher


Mrs N Bainbridge                                                                                    Mrs G Burton

SEN Manager / Safeguarding Lead                                                     Canvey Re-Start Manager


Mrs K Newcombe                                                                                   Miss K Geach

Canvey Re-Start Learning Support Assistant / Governor               Canvey Re Start Learning Support Assistant


Ms S Brown                                                                                             Mrs H Robertson

Trainee Teacher                                                                                      HLTA


Mrs A Smith                                                                                             Mrs J Cook

Learning Support Assistant                                                                  Learning Support Assistant


Mrs M Rafferty                                                                                        Mrs P Kirby

Learning Support Assistant                                                                  Learning Support Assistant


Mrs T Wastell                                                                                          Miss L Holmes

Learning Support Assistant                                                                  Learning Support Assistant


Mrs J King                                                                                                 Mrs J Bedford

Teacher Assistant / Midday Assistant                                               Learning Support Assistant


Mrs S Russell                                                                                            Mrs A Bryant

Finance Manager                                                                                    Office Manager / PA to Headteacher


Mrs L Reed                                                                                               Ms M Ingram

Administrative Assistant                                                                      Administrative Assistant


Mr D Purser                                                                                             Miss G Tomlin

Site Manager                                                                                           Sports Apprentice


Mrs L Batchelor                                                                                       Miss M Foster

Midday Assistant                                                                                    Cleaner


Mrs K Humphrey