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How to keep yourself safe

Keeping yourself safe!

We all like to have fun whether it is playing with our friends, playing on-line or hanging around with our friends at the weekend. However, it is important that when we are having fun we also keep ourselves, and our friends, safe.

Below are some hints and tips for keeping yourself safe and some links to websites offering help and advice if you are worried about anything.


If you or someone you know is being bullied, it is important that you tell someone. It doesn't have to be your teacher or your parents, it could be your school councillor, your midday assistant or putting a worry in the 'Worry Box' in your classroom.

The link below will offer you helpful advice and tips.

Keeping Safe On-line

The biggest tip to keeping yourself safe when on-line is to remember to NEVER give out any personal information and NEVER meet up with people you have met on-line!

For help, support and fun games, follow the link below. This site will give you all the information you need to report and deal with anything that makes you feel uncomfortable when on-line.

Stranger Danger

SMART stands for Safety - Means - Always - Recognising - Trouble!!

Strangers are all around us and it can be difficult to judge if a situation is safe or not. Visit the 'Safety4Kids' link below to learn more about how to recognise trouble and how to deal with potentially dangerous situations.

Road Safety

You all know how to cross the road however, it is dangerous to play near roads as this is when accidents are more likely to happen.

If you are playing football and the ball goes into the road, I bet not many of you stop to think about road safety before running to get the ball!

The 'Safety4Kids' link below will give you top tips on keeping safe on our busy roads.