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Curriculum at CJS

At Canvey Junior School we offer a broad and balanced curriculum that has been created with the help of our parents, children, governors and staff. It is in line with  Government requirements and is ambitious and fully cross curricular, with Computing being embedded within all subjects. Wherever possible we make use of our outdoor areas, encouraging the children to be active within their learning.

We have developed a creative, rigorous program of study, which reflects the National Curriculum but is tailored to our school and the community around us. As a school, our aim is to ensure children develop the necessary knowledge and skills to  understand the world around them and their part in it.

The documents below detail what our children learn throughout the year.


Maths is approached with the children's learning styles in mind. Practical activites are always planned for, where possible. We encourage active learning and the children enjoy taking their learning outside.


Click on the documents below to see the areas of study your children will be covering in  Maths.


English is at the heart of what we do and skills are developed through all the subjects taught. We work hard to ensure that our children are confident at expressing their ideas, both through spoken and written language, placing a high emphasis on their presentational skills, particularly the development of handwriting.


Follow the link below to view the English Programmes of Study that the children will be covering throughout the year:





At Canvey Junior School, reading is taught through a combination of word and comprehension skills. We feel children need the opportunity to experience a range of classic texts, modern authors and non-fiction texts, which are incorporated into our guided reading sessions and the texts that teachers read to their classes. We place a high importance on the children having opportunities to perform the poems and play scripts that they have read; not only does this develop their speaking and listening skills, but develops their confidence.

From Year 3 word skills are developed through the use of the Read, Write Inc. programme which follows on from what they were learning in KS1. This supports the children's development of reading and, when ready, they move onto our Ginn reading scheme.  


The document below details the text types covered across the year and the books the teachers read in class.


Our children take great pride in their written work, which is evident in the high quality work they produce. Opportunities are provided across the Curriculum for them to develop their skills in a range of genres and subjects. Spelling, grammar, punctuation and presentation are a focus in all lessons, whatever the subject.


The document below details the genres covered by all our children throughout the year.



If you would like to find out any more about the curriculum taught at Canvey Junior School, please speak to your child’s class teacher! Below is a link to the National Curriculum on the DfE website: